US EPA Seeks Examples of Communities Using Data to Target Indoor Environmental Interventions

The US Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Radiation and Indoor Air, Indoor Environments Division recently announced the launch of the Asthma Analytics project. Its aim is to create guidance for communities about how to use data to target indoor environmental interventions to have the greatest impact on health outcomes, specifically asthma. The guidance will be informed by examples of communities who are already doing this.  

The Asthma Analytics project team is interested in hearing from communities who are using any type of information, data, and/or analytics to identify those most in need of indoor environmental interventions and services. This includes information, data, and/or analytics ranging from anecdotal evidence, stories and lived experiences, to data analysis that could be published in the peer-reviewed literature, and everything in between.  

Please reach out to Mary Jo Errico with any questions and/or to share examples of how your community is using data to inform program approaches.