Asthma Home Visiting Directory

In 2022, RAMP, in collaboration with partners in the field, developed the first-of-its-kind public directory of asthma home visiting programs (AHVPs) in California to showcase the strength and breadth of California’s asthma home visiting network and to connect Medi-Cal managed care organizations and other stakeholders with local programs.

We’re happy to share we updated the directory in December, 2023!

AHVPs have existed for decades in California, but their numbers were relatively few and their reach limited. That has changed considerably in the last few years with the state’s investment in the Asthma Mitigation Project. Additionally, state policy changes to expand asthma home visiting under Medi-Cal are likely to fuel the expansion of programs, increasing access to home-based asthma services for low-income Californians with poorly controlled asthma.

This directory provides basic information about asthma home visiting programs in California, including service areas, services provided, client eligibility, and contact information.

Two versions are currently available (updated December 2023): one organized by county and another by organization.

If you don’t find asthma home visiting services in a specific area of the state, please contact New programs may be established soon, or services may be available from nearby programs.

If you don’t see your program listed here, or if you have updates for your program, please let us know.

For inquiries and additional information, please email

Asthma Home Visiting Services in California