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Working together, we lift the voices of our asthma networks and partners for policy and systems changes to address asthma, asthma disparities, and social and environmental inequities. 

We recognize that policies – laws, regulations, and protocols – play a large role in shaping our behavior, our environment, and ultimately our health. Local housing laws help tenants and landlords to prevent or remove indoor asthma triggers such as mold and pests. Regulations improve the air we breathe by reducing the amount of diesel pollution produced by trucks and buses. Clinical protocols ensure culturally appropriate healthcare. We are committed to working with communities, health and environmental advocates, and other stakeholders to support the creation and implementation of policies that reduce environmental triggers and other risk factors for asthma and promote good clinical care.

Policy Actions

  • Governor Signs AB 548, RAMP’s Healthy Housing Bill

    On October 11, 2023, California Governor Newsom signed AB 548! Sponsored by RAMP and Authored by Tasha Boerner, AB 548 will introduce a proactive element to complaint-based code enforcement. The bill will require code enforcement officers to inspect additional units at a multi-family property if they find severe violations in one unit that they reasonably expect…

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  • Scaling Up the Distribution of Air Cleaners for Low-Income People with Asthma

    California’s wildfire season has been growing in length and severity, regularly exposing millions to harmful particulate matter and hazardous air pollutants. While air cleaners, also known as air purifiers, can help improve indoor air quality during wildfire smoke events, many low-income Californians cannot afford to purchase air cleaners and replacement filters.  In the summer of…

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  • Implementing Medi-Cal Policies in Support of Asthma Home Visiting Services

    In 2022, as a result of advocacy led by RAMP and partners, Medi-Cal – California’s Medicaid system – adopted two nationally-leading policies to increase access to asthma home visiting services for low-income Californians with poorly controlled asthma. Now, our attention has shifted to ensure those policies are implemented as effectively as possible.   What are the…

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