Our Strategies & Impact

Child with Nebulizer

Build Capacity

We keep the asthma field abreast of best practices, opportunities, and research. By creating and disseminating tools and models, providing strategic guidance, and facilitating training and technical assistance, RAMP increases the field’s collective impact on reducing the inequitable burden of asthma. Examples include:

RAMP has worked directly with several different types of organizations, including community-based organizations, local health departments and clinics, all serving diverse populations.  RAMP has provided one-on-one technical assistance, has planned large convenings, organized trainings, and made connections to additional resources.  One organization noted that RAMP ‘provided the best technical assistance.’

-Madeline Sabatoni, Senior Program Officer, The Center at Sierra Health Foundation

Create Linkages

We create linkages among partners for peer learning, collaboration, and network-building. We also create connections across issues and sectors to reduce silos, and advance comprehensive solutions. Here are a few examples:

  • Since 2002, we have led Community Action to Fight Asthma, a network of asthma stakeholders across California focused on peer learning and collective action on a comprehensive range of policy priorities, both clinical and environmental.
  • Since 2010, we have led the California Healthy Housing Coalition, a diverse, multi-sector coalition committed to advancing policies and practices that improve unhealthy housing conditions and serving as a statewide advocate for healthy housing.
  • Since 2015, we have led the California Asthma Financing Workgroup, which in part is focused on building connections among Medi-Cal managed care plans and asthma home visiting programs to partner in the provision of services to low-income Californians with poorly controlled asthma.

RAMP’s leadership of diverse, statewide workgroups enables us to learn and share best practices and to shape collective advocacy strategies to support and improve everyone’s work.

-Tina Christopulos, MPH, St. John’s Community Health

Mobilize Networks to Advance Policy and Systems Change

We advocate—and lift the voices of our asthma networks and partners—for policy and systems changes to address asthma, asthma disparities, and social and environmental inequities. Examples include:

RAMP’s impressive track record advocating for policy and systems changes targeting the root causes of asthma disparities provides numerous best-practices for other organizations to learn from and apply in their work.

-Amanda Reddy, Executive Director, National Center for Healthy Housing