California Healthy Housing Coalition

Formed in 2010, the California Healthy Housing Coalition (CHHC) is a diverse, multi-sector coalition committed to advancing policies and practices that improve unhealthy housing conditions and serving as a statewide advocate for healthy housing. CHHC grew out of a recognition that local healthy housing challenges are shared across the state and could benefit from broad collaboration. Members work together through three workgroups to advance strategies for improving healthy housing in California.

Since its formation, CHHC has grown to over 110 members representing a wide range of healthy housing stakeholders across California. Participants include housing rights and social justice organizations; public health advocates; local, state, and federal agencies; and other experts on housing, indoor air quality, and health.

RAMP is proud to be among CHHC’s founding members, serving as the Chair of its Steering Committee and providing overall coordination to the network. To learn more about the CHHC, visit its website or contact RAMP’s Senior Policy Associate Brandon Kitagawa.

CHHC Annual Meeting

Members of the California Healthy Housing Coalition (CHHC), including RAMP staff, will gather March 21 – 22, 2024, in Sacramento, California for the 2024 Annual Meeting! The two-day event will feature presentations and discussions on the state policy landscape, lead poisoning prevention, social housing, and more healthy housing issues. In addition, day two features training on health housing and code enforcement as well as an advocacy day at the Capitol! Registration is open now until March 8th