Working Together to Reduce the
Burden of Asthma

Our mission is to reduce the burden of asthma with a focus on health equity. Emphasizing both prevention and management, we build capacity, create linkages, and mobilize networks to advocate for policy and systems changes targeting the root causes of asthma disparities.

Policy Action Alerts

  • RAMP Advocating for Policies to Improve Respiratory Safety of Air Cleaners in California

    RAMP was proud to sponsor of SB 1308, The Ozone Safe Air Cleaners Bill, which would have directed the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to update California’s air cleaner regulation to align with current scientific evidence by setting a new ozone limit of 5 ppb, protecting the respiratory health of Californians. Unfortunately, the bill’s author,…

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  • Governor Signs AB 548, RAMP’s Healthy Housing Bill

    On October 11, 2023, California Governor Newsom signed AB 548! Sponsored by RAMP and Authored by Tasha Boerner, AB 548 will introduce a proactive element to complaint-based code enforcement. The bill will require code enforcement officers to inspect additional units at a multi-family property if they find severe violations in one unit that they reasonably expect…

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  • Scaling Up the Distribution of Air Cleaners for Low-Income People with Asthma

    California’s wildfire season has been growing in length and severity, regularly exposing millions to harmful particulate matter and hazardous air pollutants. While air cleaners, also known as air purifiers, can help improve indoor air quality during wildfire smoke events, many low-income Californians cannot afford to purchase air cleaners and replacement filters.  In the summer of…

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Advancing the Role of CHWs and Promotoras in Asthma Management:

What We’re Doing

Promoting Asthma Management

Asthma Action Plans

An asthma self-management tool available in four languages

California Asthma Home
Visiting Program Directory

Designed to help providers, plans, and others connect with asthma home visiting programs in their communities

Reducing Exposure to Wildfire Smoke

We are committed to helping asthma stakeholders prepare for wildfire smoke events, which are becoming increasingly common in California and elsewhere.

Explore Asthma Resources

  • New Map Shows Where Californians Can Find Relief During Air Quality Emergencies 

    The California Air Resources Board has launched an interactive, statewide map that offers a one-stop-shop for information about the location and services available at Clean Air Centers, where communities can seek refuge during times of poor air quality, including periods of intense wildfire smoke. Built in collaboration with local air quality control districts, the online…

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  • Efficacy of Do-It-Yourself Portable Air Cleaners 

    In the June 2024 edition of Atmospheric Environment, an article examines the efficacy of do-it-yourself portable air cleaners. Researchers measured particulate matter, carbon dioxide, and more in communities exposed to wildfire and wood stove smoke while using do-it-yourself and commercial portable air cleaners. They found a reduction in particulate matter for both types of air…

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  • American Lung Association 2024 Asthma Care Coverage Webinar Recording Now Available 

    The American Lung Association hosted a webinar on May 2, 2024, providing an overview of annual data on Medicaid coverage and barriers to guidelines-based asthma care. The webinar recording contains data based on the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program guidelines, and also provides information about opportunities to expand asthma care through Medicaid services in…

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  • La importancia de tener un purificador de aire- The importance of having an air purifier- Veronica’s story

    The Farmworker women & Respiratory Exposure to Smoke from Swamp Cooler Air (FRESSCA–Mujeres) project is a collaboration with the Public Health Institute (PHI), the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and the Central California Environmental Justice Network (CCEJN) to assess exposures to air pollutants among 50 female agricultural workers in Fresno, Kern, and…

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