Scaling Up the Distribution of Air Cleaners for Low-Income People with Asthma

California’s wildfire season has been growing in length and severity, regularly exposing millions to harmful particulate matter and hazardous air pollutants. While air cleaners, also known as air purifiers, can help improve indoor air quality during wildfire smoke events, many low-income Californians cannot afford to purchase air cleaners and replacement filters. 

In the summer of 2021, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) approached RAMP about our interest in providing air cleaners to low-income residents with asthma. RAMP recommended that the air cleaners be provided as part of a comprehensive asthma home visiting approach by partnering with Bay Area organizations involved with the Asthma Mitigation Project (AMP). We were pleased to facilitate the connection with seven asthma home visiting programs across the region and to serve as a liaison. 

With the hope that this project can be scaled and replicated, we developed a case study that describes the project, lessons learned, and tips for replication, focusing on the following categories: 

  • Partnerships 
  • Air cleaner selection 
  • Orders and deliveries 
  • Education 
  • Data collection 

The case study also provides information about the recipients of the air cleaners and overall reflections on the impact of the project. Take a look at the case study and let us know if you’d like to learn more. We also encourage you to check out RAMP’s resources on air cleaners, including how to select safe, effective, and affordable air cleaners.