RAMP Webinar: Understanding the Impacts of Air Pollution on Life Expectancy Across Communities — Study Design and Partner Feedback

Researchers at UC Berkeley, with funding from the California Air Resources Board, have initiated a study to better understand the impacts of Particulate Matter (specifically, PM2.5). Specifically, the study will assess the impacts to life expectancy from PM2.5 exposure in different California communities.  

Ultimately, this research will support CARB’s regulations, strategies, and programs to better protect vulnerable communities by understanding which census tracts and groups in California continue to experience high air pollution exposure and the impacts to life expectancy. 

RAMP hosted two webinars on March 26 and 28, 2024, sharing details about the study and soliciting partner feedback. Slides and recordings of the webinar are now available. 

To view the March 26 webinar, click here

To view the March 28 webinar, click here

To download the webinar slides, click here