California’s Asthma Mitigation Project Final Evaluation Report Released 

The Asthma Mitigation Project (AMP) was a state of California-funded grant program that supported culturally and linguistically appropriate asthma home visiting services to individuals with poorly controlled asthma. AMP was administered by The Center at Sierra Health Foundation (SHF) and ended in 2023.  

AMP included a robust evaluation component led by Harder+Company Community Research, and in early 2024, SHF released the Final Evaluation report. This last report builds on the program’s year 1 and year 2 evaluation reports, summarizes AMP’s implementation, and describes how key outcomes for program participants were met. The report includes an overview of the AMP program model and considerations for organizations that would like to support programs providing asthma home visiting services as part of Medi-Cal’s expanded asthma services and benefits or through other funding sources. It also highlights overarching recommendations for asthma home visiting programs emerging from the lessons learned delivering AMP services.  

View the full report here. To learn more about AMP and to see previous evaluation reports, click here.