CDC Releases Vital Signs Report on Asthma in Children

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a Vital Signs report which highlights its shared work with the Environmental Protection Agency in improving children’s health and extending those health benefits to all children. The report released in February 2018 focuses on the effects of asthma in children.

Among the report’s findings, the CDC has found that hospitalizations from asthma have fallen by half since 2003 and rates of asthma-related missed school days have declined. More children are now receiving asthma action plans today than they were ten years ago, helping them better manage their environmental triggers and control their asthma with appropriate medication. The report also notes that disease disparities continue to exist among low-income, minority children: more than half of children with asthma had at least one asthma attack in 2016, and one in six children with asthma visit the emergency department annually.

The report also suggests becoming a member of a national network of community-based programs dedicated to helping people with asthma by visiting On the site you can find hundreds of resources, promote your program’s asthma related events, find videos and webinars on asthma management strategies, and more.

To view the February 2018 Report, click here.