Gas Stoves and Asthma

Gas cooking stoves – so common across much of the United States – may play an outsized role in increased risk of asthma among children.

In a study recently published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, researchers estimate over 12% of current childhood asthma is attributed to gas stove use. That percentage is higher in several states where gas stove usage is more prevalent, including Illinois (21.1%), California (20.1%), and New York (18.8%).

Given the risks of gas stoves, the study authors emphasize the importance of replacing gas stoves with cleaner alternatives, such as electric ranges., Additionally, regular use of a functional stove range hood vented to the outside reduces indoor air pollution.

The findings underscore the importance of California’s decarbonization efforts, which among other things, help replace gas appliances. However, some of those efforts may be delayed or scaled back considering the state’s new budget deficit.

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