Patients with Asthma Prioritize Short-Term Improvements Over Long-Term Risks 

May 2023’s Journal of Allergy or Clinical Immunology: In Practice contains an article examining preferences of adults with asthma. Using an online survey, researchers found “Patients most valued fewer asthma attacks requiring urgent health care professional visits, fewer exacerbations requiring oral corticosteroids, and a reduced risk for oral thrush..” They also noted “patients were willing to increase rescue medication use in exchange for decreasing exacerbations requiring oral corticosteroids and attacks requiring urgent health care professional visits.” The researchers conclude, “Patients sought convenient management options that focused mainly on decreasing the short-term morbidity associated with asthma exacerbations and therapies. Preferences varied by demographics, clinical factors, and socioeconomics. It is important for shared decision-making discussions to include conversations about morbidity and how available therapeutic options align with individual patient preferences.” 

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