Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units Releases Pediatric Environmental Health e-Toolkit for Prevention  

Do you get questions from parents about environmental health topics such air pollution? The Pediatric Environmental Health e-Toolkit (PEHT) is here to help! The e-Toolkit is a FREE mobile-friendly set of online tools designed for pediatric healthcare providers. You can search for topics by specific exposure sources (like indoor or outdoor air) or by the environmental hazard children are/could be exposed to (like mold). There is environmental health anticipatory guidance grouped by age that complements the national Bright Futures guidelines, as well as key concepts to help you quickly build foundational knowledge in environmental health. 

For every topic in the PEHT, the e-Toolkit also has a companion Prescriptions for Prevention, an online handout you can provide parents on preventing exposures and health effects. Videos are also available. Resources are available in both English and Spanish.

The Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSUs) have created and maintained this resource, with the completely updated and revised 3rd edition. For more information on pediatric environmental health, reach out to your local PEHSU