Please Support RAMP’s Healthy Housing Bills!

We recently announced two healthy housing bills RAMP is sponsoring this year. Will you take a moment to show your support for healthy housing?

AB 548, authored by Assemblymember Boerner-Horvath, will introduce a proactive element to complaint-based code enforcement. The bill requires code enforcement officers to inspect additional units at a multi-family property if they find severe violations in one unit that they reasonably expect could be found in other units (e.g., plumbing problems, mold, pests, lead hazards, etc.).

SB 356, authored by Senator Archuleta and co-sponsored by the California Association of Code Enforcement Officers, modernizes and restores funding to the Code Enforcement Incentive Grant Program.  These grants can provide seed funding to allow local code enforcement agencies to innovate by investing in new technologies, improving training, expanding community partnerships, and/or trying new strategies to be more proactive or targeted in their enforcement of housing codes.

Both bills are starting to move through committee hearings, and we would love to have a long list of supporters for each bill!  Here’s how you can help.

First, become an official supporter of the bill by submitting a letter of support via the legislature’s advocates portal.   If you have not used it before, this instructional video can help.  You can also contact RAMP’s Senior Policy Associate, Brandon Kitagawa, at for assistance.  We have sample letters (AB 548 / SB 356) and fact sheets (AB 548 / SB 356) you can use to draft your own letters.

Second, if you would like your organization to be listed as a supporter on the fact sheets, contact

We appreciate your support for healthy housing in California!