RAMP Supports Prop 30 to Fight Climate change

Given the continued impacts of climate change, including air pollution and catastrophic wildfires, RAMP is proud to support Prop 30. By addressing both transportation emissions and wildfires, Prop 30 will help ensure a healthier, more equitable future for California and beyond. 

If approved by California voters in the November election, Prop 30 will generate around $100 billion over the next 20 years to fight and prevent wildfires, establish critical charging infrastructure for electric and zero-emission vehicles, and provide subsidies to help consumers afford clean vehicles. A small tax increase on personal income over $2 million finances the health investment.

California has demonstrated remarkable leadership in cleaning up our cars, buses, trucks and industrial facilities but the pollution that continues to fill our lungs means we need to do more to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities. Prop 30 will do that, and will serve as a model for other states as well. 

To learn more about Prop 30 and join the effort, click here

Warm regards,
RAMP staff