“Weatherization’s Effects on Pediatric Asthma: Evidence from a Natural Experiment” Webinar Resources and Recording Now Available

RAMP’s Director, Anne Kelsey Lamb, and other experts spoke at a US Environmental Protection Agency Indoor Environment Division webinar focusing on “Weatherization’s Effects on Pediatric Asthma: Evidence from a Natural Experiment.” The webinar focused on maximizing impact with limited funds by partnering with programs such as weatherization, as well as evidence from an important natural experiment in Kansas City, Missouri on the effects of weatherization and improved thermal comfort in homes on pediatric asthma outcomes. 

Speakers included: 

  • Neal Wilson, Ph.D., Associate Director, Center for Economic Information, University of Missouri-Kansas City 
  • Anne Kelsey Lamb, MPH, Director, Regional Asthma Management and Prevention 
  • Kevin Kennedy, MPH, CIEC, Owner and Instructor, Health Indoor Trainings and Consulting  

Additional information, slides, and the recording can be found here.