RAMP’s Wildfire Smoke Project

As California’s fire season grows, the health impacts from smoke do, too. Wildfire smoke is unhealthy to breathe and can be especially dangerous for those with asthma—and even more for those without the means to purchase air filters that can provide healthier air at home.

A new initiative from RAMP, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, and partners with the Asthma Mitigation Project will provide portable air filters to 2,000 low-income people in the Bay Area at high risk from asthma—allowing neighbors to better protect themselves from harmful wildfire smoke.

“Wildfires are increasing in the region and residents with asthma are some of the most vulnerable to the related smoke impacts,” the air district’s Executive Officer Jack Broadbent said in a statement. “Our partnership with RAMP provides air filtration units to these residents and can help reduce emergency room visits when air quality becomes unhealthy.”

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RAMP staff