Researchers Investigate Effects of Traffic Related Air Pollution on Development and Persistence of Asthma

Environmental International’s April 2018 edition includes an article that discusses the longer-term effects of Traffic Related Air Pollution (TRAP) on those with respiratory diseases. In order to examine the issue, researchers measured “TRAP exposure at age 45 years” based on individuals’ residential addresses and compared it with “changes in asthma and lung function.” The researchers found that “for those who had never had asthma” by age 45, living less than 200 meters “from a major road was associated with increased odds of new asthma.” They also found patients with asthma “had an increased risk of persistent asthma” if they were living within 200 meters of a major road compared with those living farther away. They conclude that “living [less than] 200m from a major road… influences both the development and persistence of asthma.”

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