Study Examines Asthma Mortality by Industry and Occupation

In Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report’s January 2018 edition an article examined asthma mortality rates by industry and occupation. Researchers analyzed “multiple cause-of-death data for 1999-2016 and industry and occupation information collected from 26 states” for persons aged 15-64 years old. In reviewing this data, researchers found the annual age-adjusted asthma death rate per 1 million persons “declined from 13.59 in 1999 to 9.34 in 2016” in females and from “9.14 in 1999 to 7.78 in 2016” in males. In men, the highest mortality rates were in the food, beverage, and tobacco products manufacturing industry, while in women the highest rates were in the social assistance industry and those in community and social services occupations. Researchers concluded “elevated asthma mortality among workers in certain industries and occupations underscores the importance of optimal asthma management and identification and prevention of potential workplace exposures.”

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