Webinar Recording: Clear Skies, Healthy Lungs — Policies to Improve California’s Air Quality

On October 14, 2021, RAMP hosted a webinar, Clear Skies, Healthy Lungs: Policies to Improve California’s Air Quality. Partners at the American Lung Association, the California Air Resources Board and the California Energy Commission provided a timely update about a wide range of state policy efforts to reduce California’s significant air pollution and climate change challenges.  

From the state’s mobile source strategy and scoping plan to specific regulations on pollution from freight and leaf blowers, the webinar helped participants understand California’s air quality policy landscape and how to support healthy air for all.  

Below are a variety of webinar resources including the presentation slides and recording, links to relevant reports and resources, and ways to stay connected to future advocacy opportunities.  

  • Information on electric vehicles and related incentive programs:  
  • American Lung Association advocacy information