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One of our core strategies at RAMP is to keep the asthma field abreast of best practices, timely opportunities, and emerging research in order to build capacity for reducing the inequitable burden of asthma. We do this by cultivating an extensive hub of asthma-related information across a wide range of topics, including asthma management and healthcare, housing, air pollution, schools, the built environment, and more.

The resources that you’ll see below were published by partner organizations, agencies, and research institutions. Most of these resources are tailored for those who serve people with asthma, including clinicians, home visitors, community representatives, environmental health specialists, asthma educators, healthy housing representatives, environmental health and justice advocates, and many others. To specifically see resources created by RAMP, check out RAMP Tools & Publications.

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  • Health Effects of Wildfire Smoke and Ash: Lessons from California Podcast and Commentary Available

    Medscape has published a podcast examining the health effects of exposure to smoke and ash following the devastating California wildfires of 2017. The podcast features Dr. Robert Glatter, assistant professor of emergency medicine at Northwell Health and attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, and Dr. John Balmes, professor of medicine at…

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  • California Opportunities for Financing Asthma Prevention and Management

    On October 7, 2014, RAMP hosted “California Opportunities for Financing Asthma Prevention and Management” in response to the exciting and challenging time for financing asthma prevention and management in the state. While there is a significant body of evidence about the effectiveness of asthma interventions, many are not routinely covered by health plans, including asthma in-home…

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