Sustainable Financing for Asthma Education and Home Environmental Trigger Remediation: Lessons Learned from the Field

To ensure that people with poorly controlled asthma have access to the services and systems they need to be healthy, advocates have long recognized the need for sustainable financing for asthma education and home environmental trigger assessment and remediation. Recent transformations to the health care system, including a greater emphasis on prevention, provide more opportunities sustain existing programs and bring such services to scale.

Building on this promise, public health, community, and government leaders across the nation have been supporting policy and program efforts while sharing lessons learned. Given the innovative nature of these efforts, and the continuously evolving political and economic climate, RAMP developed this paper in 2017 to document and share this growing body of knowledge.

The white paper wouldn’t be possible without the financial support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, nor without the valuable insights offered by local, state and national partners.

Click here for the full report; a separate executive summary is also available.