Unlocking the Power of Home-Based Asthma Services: Model Health Benefit Packages

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Asthma home visiting services are a proven method for improving health outcomes, lowering healthcare utilization costs, improving patient care, and reducing healthcare disparities; yet far too many people with poorly controlled asthma don’t have access to these key interventions. Developed by RAMP and the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH), Unlocking the Power of Home-Based Asthma Services: Model Health Benefit Packages equips managed care organizations (MCOs) or other healthcare payers with the information they need to improve asthma management among their enrollees by ensuring the provision of asthma home visiting services. It also addresses the key roles that other community, state, and federal stakeholders play in motivating and supporting healthcare payers in this effort.

Unlocking the Power of Home-Based Asthma Services: Model Health Benefit Packages describes the scope, staffing, and services associated with home-based asthma services that identify and address environmental asthma triggers in the home environment. The tool includes tiers of services (e.g., from a very basic set of services to more premium sets of services) to provide a range of options for payers at different levels of readiness to provide home-based asthma services and includes recommendations to support action from a range of critical stakeholders.

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