Updated California Directory of In-Home Asthma Services

As part of our Health Care Equity goal, we continue to support asthma home visiting programs, Medi-Cal managed care plans, and other partners to effectively implement California’s groundbreaking policies: Asthma Remediation and Asthma Preventive Services.

No matter where you are in the process, we can support your work through no-cost Technical Assistance to stakeholders across the state. Learn more here.

In case more background information is helpful, we’ve developed fact sheets for both the Asthma Remediation and Asthma Preventive Services policies.

Lastly, effective implementation relies upon building connections. To help with that, we have updated our directory of asthma home visiting programs in California. Showcasing the strength and breadth of California’s asthma home visiting network, we hope the directory will help connect Medi-Cal managed care organizations, medical providers, the media and other stakeholders with local programs.

If you don’t find asthma home visiting services in a specific area of the state, please contact directory@rampasthma.org/. We may be aware of programs getting ready to launch, or familiar with nearby programs that may be willing to extend their geographic reach. If you’re with an asthma home visiting program and you don’t see your program listed here, or if you have updates for your program, please let us know.

Warm regards,
RAMP staff