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One of our core strategies at RAMP is to keep the asthma field abreast of best practices, timely opportunities, and emerging research in order to build capacity for reducing the inequitable burden of asthma. We do this by cultivating an extensive hub of asthma-related information across a wide range of topics, including asthma management and healthcare, housing, air pollution, schools, the built environment, and more.

The resources that you’ll see below were published by partner organizations, agencies, and research institutions. Most of these resources are tailored for those who serve people with asthma, including clinicians, home visitors, community representatives, environmental health specialists, asthma educators, healthy housing representatives, environmental health and justice advocates, and many others. To specifically see resources created by RAMP, check out RAMP Tools & Publications.

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  • EPA’s “What Schools Need to Know: Transitioning from Pandemic to Endemic IAQ Management” Webinar Available On-Demand

    The US Environmental Protection Agency’s Indoor Environments Division has published its webinar, “What Schools Need to Know: Transitioning from Pandemic to Endemic IAQ Management” online for viewing. The webinar features Richard Shaughnessy, Ph.D, Director of the University of Tulsa’s IAQ Research Program, and Richard Corsi, Ph.D., Dean of the University of California, Davis College of…

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  • EPA Updates EJScreen to Version 2.2

    The US EPA has updated its EJScreen, a community environmental justice screening and mapping tool, to version 2.2. This new version makes important improvements, including a redesigned and enhanced report, a new environmental indicator with corresponding indexes, and refreshed demographic and environmental data. Additionally, it includes new environmental indicators on Toxic Releases to Air, as…

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  • RAMP CHW Meeting: Asthma and Allergies

    Naveena Bobba, MD, MPH, Deputy Director of Health at San Francisco Department of Public Health, presented “Asthma and Allergies” on June 22, 2023. To view the full presentation, click here. RAMP hosts regular convenings for CHWs, promotoras, and others providing asthma education. For additional information about future meetings, including how to join them, please visit our…

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  • Webinar Highlighting EPA’s 2023 Asthma Award Winner Now Available Online

    The US Environmental Protection Agency recently honored the Wisconsin Asthma Program as the 2023 Asthma Award Winner. A recording of the webinar featuring the program’s work and how it can be applied to your own programs is now available online. The webinar and accompanying materials detail how the Wisconsin Asthma Program expanded the reach, effectiveness,…

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  • UCSF Includes Asthma Chapter in “A Story of Health” Multi-Media eBook

    The University of California, San Francisco has updated its multi-media eBook, “A Story of Health,” to include a chapter focused on asthma. The eBook is an online resource grounding the science of health to explore the risk factors for disease and how to prevent it and promote health. The book uses a case-based learning approach,…

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  • EPA Releases Asthma Resource One-Pager Covering Wide Range of Topics

    The US Environmental Protection Agency has released a one-page document that includes guides for asthma triggers, tips for controlling asthma, and a checklist for finding triggers in homes. It includes QR codes for easy access to resources, and the document is perfect for handing out at events.  View and download the document here. 

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  • American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Podcast Covers Asthma and Exercise

    The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology’s Podcast has released an episode titled “A New Prescription for Asthma: Exercise,” that details findings from the report: Recommendations for Physical Activity in Asthma. Featuring Sharmilee Nyenhuis, MD, the podcast is designed for both healthcare professionals and anyone who has asthma.  To listen to the episode, click…

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  • National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Releases Web Page on Asthma and Complementary Health

    The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has put together a web page detailing asthma and complementary health approaches. While complementary health approaches can’t replace proven medical management, using them in addition can help people with asthma manage stress, anxiety, and depression to help them feel better and improve asthma control.  Visit the web…

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